Anonymous asked:

You should post a pic of yourself from a normal frontal angle rather than that high angle. I'm not trying to bring you down, you're still very good looking, but I just feel like you only take pics from that angle because you're hiding something...

swdyw-deactivated20131130 answered:

I think it’s really weird and obsessive that people are preoccupied with angles of girl’s selfies because they are terrified we are “hiding” something awful about our physical appearance by posing for pictures and angling cameras to take pictures, that’s how cameras work you dumb cunt, they rely 100% on lighting and angles. I don’t understand what is so hard to get that thru your fucking Neanderthal skull. A camera is rendering your multidimensional BODY into a FLAT PIXELATED IMAGE. Do you GET THAT IDIOT. It is A COMPLETE DISTORTION, and if you don’t look like a Picasso painting from a straight on angle on an apple camera you are probably misshapen irl. And if you’re obsessed with my hidden deformity disguised by expert maneuvering of selfie angles using a relatively decent grade camera then scour my archives and find the numerous pics of my face “straight on” you fucjing freak